Monday, February 20, 2017

Feb 20 - Another bright day

Another bright day but a bit on the colder side, so just an hour of playtime before we rush indoors..

The veggies cleaned, cut stored and ready for the week.!!!

Feb 19 - A sunny Winter Afternoon

It is difficult to believe that it is still Feb in this part of the world with sun so bright, no snow at all, temps high the kids have a blast at the local park.

and yours truly settles down with a book :)

Feb 18 - Sorting

Letting go of things is the toughest task, a few of her books set aside to give away to her cousins..  One thing I am gong to miss going back to India is books.  I feel too stressed to even think of leaving behind our 1st home together..

Went grocery shopping in the evening and it always a pleasure to listen to old songs on the drive, the same list for the last 10 years, in between we switched to new ones but evenually fall back into the old track :)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Feb 17 - Takeout

Had a promotional card from CPK and as usual no mood to cook, so we get a take out.. our usual me the Crunchy Thai Salad, spicy buffalo cauliflower and two in a bowl for OA and Curly mac for the kiddo...

I had been a bit busy the whole day and when I check the news there is this floor test already... another all nighter for the politically crazy me..

well, News is reigning supreme at home these past 10 days at home...

Feb 16 - Ugadi Practice

The child has been performing at TAWCT events from the time we moved to this part of US.  I am not a big fan of what goes behind these shows, those dress hunts, the parent egos, the practice sessions, the time juggling and finally the day of the event is another story altogether..

But all said and done, the child likes being on stage, she loves to dance, so there we go.. The winter break begins and so do the practice sessions and there I go checking out what might be the possible costume on stage not just for the kid but for everyone else too :).

Feb 15 - Her biggest problem

The kid is almost a black belt candidate now, a life skill that I strongly believe a child should have irrespective of the gender.  Is it beneficial, yes, it keeps her fit, her reflexes are better and sharper, I would prefer a more serious and one-on-one approach but this is the best the city has to offer in terms of taekwondo, so!

The kid hates sparring session as of now, she does not want to give up and dodge, she needs to go into attack and defense modes aggressively is what she thinks but at the end of the class she gets into the sparring is the worst class, can we please skip this one... aarrghhh!!!  I know she is going to soon enjoy it and miss it when we move back to India, so for now we just laugh it off :)

Feb 14 - Sugary Junk

The kid comes home with her v-day loot and Fun-Dip is the "in" thing this year.. yicky stuff!!!