Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 30 -- Guruvinda Ginjalu

Guruvinda Ginjalu..

Guruvinda ginja tana kinda nalupu erugadu ani oka saameta.. chinnappudu ivi erukocchi lakkapidatallo gudlu laaga vandevaallam... ennallako... abbo ennellako malli kanipinchaayi..

A type of cloth-woven bed.. Navvaaru Mancham.

Navvaru mancham, nulaka mancham.. ammamma gnaapakam... vadulayipoyina navvaaru biguvu cheyyadam, teesi utakadam, ekkada padite akkadiki mosukelli paruchukuni padukovadam.. ee interior desingning rojullo maaru moolaki ellipoyina oka teeyani gnaapakam, eeroju mancham allinchukunnaam.

September 29 -Turtie and Terrarium

All set to go.. a little more water and the home for Turtie is ready.

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Meet Turtie, our new buddy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28 - A few more friends

The fish sale division which also sells ornamental fish..

Gold fish in the tank

Konchem konchem perugutunna confidence toti inkonni chepa pillalu tecchukunnam... still going with rough and tough ones rather than the beautiful ones.. one step at a time.

aa chepalu, vaati eetalu, rangulu, anni choodataaniki enta baaguntayo.. chaakiri anta ekkuva.. but when you look at them running around, it is a feast!!

September 27 - Lakka Pidatalu

The wooden toy utensil collection

Lakka pidatalu.. mudduga, chinnaga, annam koora chaaru, majjiga vadukunnattugaa aadukovadam.. rolu, rokalu, tiragali, ginne chatti, bommarillu... taluchukunte chaala baguntundi... taataku bommalu, tailor deggara tecchukune bomma guddalu, mattito nela alakadaalu, matti vadiyaalu pettadaalu.. vinadaaniki naaku maatram inko prapanchamlaaga undi.. Pandu talli aadutundo ledo teliyadu, nenu maatram dorikinavi dorikinattuga daachesukuntunna.. malli aa anubhootulani jeevinchestunna.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 26 - We Write


We are busy these days learning penna (pen) and bukka (book) game these days, working hard on our doodles getting better day by day.. 

Pennu bukku.. slate antam raatledu mari, teesukuni memu tega tega chadivesukuntunnam... idedo bagane undi.. giyyadam, tudavatam malli giyyadam

September 25 - Endocchindoch!!

A sunny day after long.. so we set about doing some gardening and yay!! we also get to wear some sun-dried clothes after loooong!!!

Leka leka vacchina podduti poota endaki nenu pandu gaadu chesina pani entayyaa ente vipareetamgaa perigipoyina mokkala kommalu koyyadam, chaakali utikina battalu endalo aarestunte clips andivvadam

Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24 - Masked!!

Mask near the doorstep

So, this is the mask aunty we say hi to while we go in and out of the house.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 23 - clutter

cluttered toy rack

It is an utter chaos if you let the kid loose for a while with the toys or anything that is within her reach for that matter..

andinadallaa laagestaam, choosestaam, visirestaam.. hahaha.!!!

September 22 - Chepa Pillalu

Fish bowl.. molly and gaurami... fresh start again

I love watching at the fish in a bowl or an aquarium, thought the kid would enjoy too... she does to an extent but wants to touch them and give love, remembering the puppy love, I am too scared to let her touch them.

Bujji bujji chepa pillalni choosi fishie aakuni ani cheptunte muddugaa undi... malli modalupettina ee saradaaki nilustaayo ledo ani sampleki molly and Gaurami maatram tecchaanu.. Gold fish enta andamgaa unna naaku ippatidaaka okati kooda ekkuva nilavaledu... pedda bowl tecchanu for more moving space... wish us (me and the fishies) good time with each other.

September 21 - Vinayakudi Ooregimpu

Kid and the maid happily seated and waiting for the performers to arrive..

The dancers, drums, people, and finally Ganesha arrive..

With so much of activity on the roads, colors, screams, loud speakers, drums, dances, kid got all wild jumping around and wanting to be a part of it.. so, the old Zora maa convinces her to sit about and wait and watch them from the road..

Devudi ooregimpu, dappulu, dancelu, arupulu kekalu, rangulu, vasantaalu, aatalu, paatalu... kolaahalam ante ento kanipinchina roju.. varasapetti 3 vinaayakullu maa veedhi vaipu vacchay.. inka cheppedemundi, rojantaa memu enda/vaanaki godugesukuni mari gate bayata gacchu meeda koorchuni wait chesaam :).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 20 -- Timepass

With mom and kid monopolizing TV with her yoga, cookery shows and Bheem and Baby Einsteen Videos, rain just about every other day, I dont really know what to do with my spare time.. so back to the library books.. Jai Ho.. Telugu Grandhaalayam.. I dont actually like most of what I read, but that does not mean I would stop ;).

September 19 - Glass Class

Kid has 3 very cute pairs of glasses for herself but it is always my specs she eyes on :(((..

One of the games on a rainy day is the glass trial parade.. trying on each specs, checking self in the mirror, showing it to everyone around in the house, me, maids, friends, neighbors whoever happens to be there.. then coming back promptly for an hour.. an engaging game for an hour..

neeku moodu unnay kada naannalu naadi naaku iccheyi raa ante.. aa moodu naaku icchestundi... enta class teesukunna no use!!!

September 18 -- Nimajjana

Thanks to my dysfunctional flash, I could just get this picture of the nimajjana the other day in the village.. day time pics are okay but night time is a nightmare.

September 17 -- Trash

Thanks to the constant rains, I could not even get the trash burnt properly.. Ideal would be composting, but I hate burying plastic, so I end up burning it.  Amazing how much of plastic we use in our lives to destroy the mother earth!! I avoid as much as I can but the trash seems to say a different story altogether!!!


Friday, September 17, 2010

September 16 -- Interior designing

When it is raining and running around is not allowed, we do some interior designing.. errr.. the kid does and mother appreciates... seeing oldie and Goldie and their shrieks, claps and good jobs kind of makes me happy...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 15 - Sick Again!!!

My asthma meds

Asthma seriously sucks... something as easy as breathing takes a whole lot of effort... and dont even get me started on the medications which leave a biiiiiiiiiiiiig dent in the pocket.. err.. purse and do what not in my body

September 14 - Kaakulu..

crows on current wires

Not an uncommon scene in the village.. but this one was when all the crows were mourning the loss of one of them.. one crow had died and all of them making such a ruckus.. circling around in the air, crowing... total menace for a while.... could not actually figure out for a long time as to why this sudden hungaama.. not until I came out in the evening..

Oka kaaki chanipote daani chuttu arustoo tirugutoo naana naana gola chestoo tirigina kaakula gumpu...

September 13 - Santha

Village vegetable fair

Every Monday there is a fair in Mudinepalli 2 kms from my place..I make it a point to go there to buy my veggies for the week and some protein :).

The place is dirty, the people are sweaty but it is the backyard produce of these villagers, pure organic veggies.. Subhiksha, Reliance Fresh, Spencers, More take a second seat any given day...

Somavaaram ante santha.. santha ante sandadi, chetta, tokkisalaata, manushulu, maatalu, jeevitaamlo inko konam kanipistundi naaku akkadikellinappudalla.. somavaaram madhyanam 3 gantalaki nenu akkada pratyaksham sanchi toti, intlo pandinchina kooralani ammukodaaniki vacchina vaallu... naaku oka kaalakshepam.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Help Needed

I use Sony Cybershot DSC H10 camera, looks like the flash has once again gone for a toss, display gives me E 91:01 error message.. the google research says that i should reset the tools menu and it will be just fine.. i am not able to locate the reset button though.. any idea??? if you can help me it would be great considering, I already had gotten the flash board repaired with 4 K just a couple of months ago.. another investment seems like a waste...


September 12 - Bulli Bujjaayi

Newborn baby calf, 3 hours old 

We had a really busy day between checking out the bulli bujjaayi that worn born to Pavan anna's ambaaa... it had those large lovely black eyes which I fell in love with reminded me of Sreya as a newborn.. the cord was tied with a cloth so that the crows dont pull it...

Picking bangles for ammamma.

We also had fun selecting bangles and shrieking with delight seeing the taataa put bangles for ammamma.. it was loads of fun considering the colors were vibrant and the taata let us touch them without yelling.

Bulli bujjaayi amaayakapu kallu, legavaalane taapatrayam, amma pakkane padukuni bittara choopulu choodatam chaala chaala baagundi... Pandu talliki brahmaanandamgaa anipinchindi bujjayi ni duvvi, savvara deesi, kekalu petti bhale gola chesindi...

Gaajula taata keka vini "baabu daa daa" ani pandu gaaru piluchukocchaaru.. inka tappadani ammamma gaaru todiginchukunnaaru... mottam meeda rojantaa pandu gaadiki full kaalakshepam.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11 - Bujji Ganesha

After the pooja

This year my favorite festival falls on September 11, a rare combo of Eid and Ganesha festival which fall on the same day.. happy day for the followers of Islam the world over and a very unfortunate and sad day for United Status.. the contrast never clearer than now.  In hope of peace and love for all the people!!!!

Maa intlo pooja cheyinchukunna bujji ganapayya... swaami taataa buddhi, balam ivvu ani dannam pedutunna pandu..

PS:  The photo is not an intentional blur, the new maid's first snap and our only pooja snap for this year :).

Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10 - Cute Turtle

Good luck turtle

This is supposed to bring good luck made of porcelain, so me being me got this home and Sreya being Sreya loved it more than me and wanted to check its durability by throwing around, so we had a tough time finding a location where she cannot actually break it.

Adrushtam vastundo ledo teliyadu kaani.. ee bujji taabelu, daani meeda bujji bujji pillalu, muddugaa kadile kaallu, meda.. tega muddocchesindi naaku.

September 9 - My Day Out

Notes from scribble pad

Finally, I get to go and attend a training session "Be a Champion" By Mr. Gampa Nageswar Rao. It was a good experience, felt good being amongst a lot of students and basically educated company after long.

Hammayya... jana jeevana sravanthiloki appudappudu tongi chooste chaala baguntundi kaani maa pallelo emi undavu kada, emi chestaam Pandugaadiki pollution-free organic life ivvalante inkonnaallu tappadu.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8 - Nonveg post

Deveining the shrimps..

The lady who sells them also cleans and gets them ready to cook, cleaning washing and marinating... we had good time watching it from far...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7 - New Balloons?

The latest fad, these toy forms for kids like balloons but not quite like.. the material is different.

am happy the kid cannot burst them the moment it is placed in her hands.. NO, she is not scared of the burst noise :(.. we buy balloons each time the old balloon taata comes to our place but promptly break them before he even reaches the gate.

So, somu taatoy goes to town to sell his bike and gets these for the kid, good enough to keep her indoors for a while, they lay there resting while the kid is asleep in her net.

Rojantaa ee bommala venaka parugulettaamoch.. bommaa.. bommaaaaa... bommaaaaaaliiiiii ani.. exhausting but a rewarding day packed with smiles and laughter.

Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6 - Domala Bedada

the mosquito wall

If you are wondering what those black spots on the wall are.. brace yourself those are the mosquitoes buzzing around on the main wall from gate to the house.. there was in fact a black coating on the wall but I disturbed them when trying for a photograph.. thanks to the constant rains, wet walls and a lot of areas of water accumulation for the mosquitoes to breed, the evenings are spent in mosquito hunting...

the solution... good old mosquito nets

I hate coils, all-out, good night mats/oils, odomos or any chemical intervention for the kid, so it is sambrani in the evenings on a dry coconut shell and a mosquito net thereafter...
While we take shelter from rain and insects in thick walls and cozy homes, I can only imagine the plight of the kids and elders in these rains and those insects...

chepala cheruvula valana perugutunna kaalushyam, chetta pogula valana perugutunna kaalushyam, burada, vaana, pagalantaa eegalu, raatrantaa domalu.. vaana taggite burada.. talupulesukuni daabalalo koorchuni vaanani aaswadinchadam anedi inka nenu ee jeevitaniki marchipoyinatte... domala bedada taluchukuntene gundelo gubulu modalautundi :(..

Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5 - House Story

We happen to stay in a house furnished to a large extent with a few rooms untouched and unentered so far.. with the rains and gloomy weather outside we decide to make more room for indoor activities.

The house is a legacy left behind by a distant relative to his daughters who cannot come down due to their personal constraints and at the same cant let go of it because of memories, so it is just for me, they opened it up and am really thankful for that.

The display objects in the show case are the owner's choice, so about 12 yrs. later, I clean up the case, contemplate whether or not to store them away and decide to leave a few as is and throw open the room as the kid's entertainment room..

Leaving a few things as is.. I try to push in a few of her favorite toys which attract dust behind the glass doors so that she can point to them sitting on the diwaan and talk to them and point to them... this is how the fusion of past and the future looks like at my home...

Oka illu ante enno madhura smrutulu, gnaapakaalu.. eppudu edokati maarustoo, cherustoo, perustoo koorchukunna oka sthalam.. mana taravaata mana abhiruchulani mundu taram munduku teesukeltundo ledo manaki teliyadu, aina edo tapana oka yaava bahusaa bratuku meeda aa yaava lekapote manam lememo... kaani naa chinna naati gnaapakaalu enno chediripotunnaay ani oka baadha lolona migilipoyindi..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4 - Neeti Budagalu

Rendu rojulugaa vidavakundaa vaana... neetilo budagalu choostoo nenu pandu... illantaa chiraakugaa undi.. manasuki soori taataki urgentga phone chesi pilicheseyyalani undi.. evarikaina aayana number telusa... or at least vaana taatadi telisina okay edo rakamga manage cheyyadaaniki try cheddam :(.

September 3 - Joru Vaanalo

Vaana beebatsamga kurustundi...horu gaali, joruna vaana, kaare chooru, bayatantaa burada, aarani battalu, chemma vaasana... abbabbabbaaaaa inka chaaluuuuuuuuu...

Battala teega meeda neeti chukkalu...

September 2 -- Gullo Ganthulu

Little One Playing With The Temple Drum.

Krishnashtami roju tayarayyi gudikellam, just dress annamaata frills and feathers ishtam ledu kaabatti, anni oodabeekesukuni simplega panche chokka esukuni oori meeda paddaam... gullokellaka abbo cheppoddu enta pandago, anni muttukuni, pattukuni, peeki, laagi choosi gantulesi sambaram chesukunnaamoch!!!

nine grains sown in mud bowls

Navadhaanyaalu matti muntallo naati, avi molakalu todigaaka gudiki naalugu vaipula chimmutaaru anta.. nenu modati saari choodatam idi... poojari gaaru teerika lekundaa tirugutundatamto adagalekapoya eesari tappaka kaaranam telusukovaali..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1 - Konga, Pandu, Nenu..

We have an unexpected visitor at home today, I dont know what it is called "Konga" in telugu.. I dont really know its name in English.. anyone aware??? which obviously fell down from the coconut tree, it cant fly as of yet, we cannot climb the tree, I am not sure if the mother can lift it up and put it back in the nest..

So, we decide to follow it around the house (err, LO decides and I follow) and see to it that is scared and then not let it run on to the street for the fear of stray dogs eating it up...

.. and this is an everyday scene now at home with these birds having a nest and the parent birds getting these small fish from the fields to feed the young ones.. some of them fall down which become food for red ants.. a geographic channel in our backyard!!!

Poddunne levagaane maaku kanipinchina friend ee baby konga, chettu meeda ninchi papam padipoyindi.. daanni emi cheyyalo maaku teliyaka, daanni roadmeedaki vellakundaa aapa leka, daani chuttu tirugutoo ento aanandamgaa, konga konga ani gantulesukuntoo tirigaam.. adelendi pandu gaadu tirigite nenu vaadi venaka tirigaa.. kongalu, vaati pillalu, vaati kosam tecchi pette chepa pillalu, avi tinadaaniki vacche erra cheemalu.. backgroundlo kongala arupulu, nela meeda vaati pentalu, adi clean cheyyadaaniki parugulu pette pandu gaadito poti padi memu clean cheyyadaalu... idandee maaku full fledged timepass ee madhya kaalamlo...

PS: Thank you Sree, it is Crane.. marchipoya, ruchikaramaina vakkapodi crane vakkapodi ;).