Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Pic A Day For An Year - Project - 365 (2011)

What began casually kind of became a habit over a period of time.  I do not really focus on taking a picture on that particular day but in general designate a picture for a day from the happenings in and around my life and dwelling.  All the posts were necessarily not on the same day as they got posted as in the actual concept of photo-bloggers' project 365, certainly it was my life in pictures that came across, I guess, beautifully, nothing really arty or classy but everything very life-like :).

It was/is fun, challenging at times with theme-based posting, some thing to look forward to do at the end of the day or at the day break.  There were pauses and collective posts in between, some scheduled posts, some double posts.. a mixed bag of emotions, extreme highs and deepest lows.. but in general, a year well-lived!!!

For a compulsive blogger like me, pictures posts are an easy way to still be blogging and not really putting in a lot of time :).

I am not really sure if I would take it forward as enthusiastically this year but I would love to 'cos when I look at things with my eye, the mind is tuned to show it through the lens... so an year ends and new one begins, a leap year at that bringing in a lot of freshness.  Completely aware that no matter an year ended or a new one begins, the fact is that life continues and time flies, we take a step into technically a new calender year -2012.!

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