Monday, February 13, 2012

Wk7/Dy2(44) ~ Feb 13 - Vantaa Vaarpu :)

... the kid plays her cooking games while my mom watches her cookery shows.. sigh!!! life seems to be falling back in a routine...

పదిన్నర అయ్యిందంటే చాలు ఆ టీవిలో ఈ టీవిలో, ఆ వంట ఈ వంట అంటూ బియ్యం కడిగి పొయ్యి మీద విడిగా ఉండటం కూడా మహా వంట అనే రేంజ్లో ప్రోగ్రామ్స్ మీద ప్రోగ్రామ్స్ వాటినన్నిటిని చూసి మా అమ్మ ప్రయోగాలు, నా పాట్లు.. నాదనేమి ఉంది లెండి అందరి ఇళ్ళల్లో ఇదే గోల ఉండొచ్చు ఇంచు మించు కొంచెం పెద్ద వాళ్ళు ఉంటె... ఆవిడ చూస్తుంటే మా బుడ్డది కూడా పొయ్యి గిన్నెలు పెట్టుకుని, ఇప్పుడు పొయ్యి వెలిగించాలి, దాని మీద గిన్నె పెట్టాలి అని ఆటలు... 

ఒకప్పుడు ఇదంతా విసుగు అనిపించినా జ్వరం పడి లేచిన పిల్ల ఏమి చేసినా ఏనుగు ఎక్కినంత ఆనందంగా ఉంది.. ఇంకా కళ్ళల్లో ఊపిరి పెట్టుకుని ఉంది కాని చాల చాల మెరుగు.


  1. Her cooking utensils are cute

  2. Good to know she is getting back to normal

  3. good to know that she is recoovering... and pillalau bhale imitate chestaru kada edaina... :) if i ask my kids how is the dish.. they immediately reply like the anchors in those cookery show... " wow nizamga chala chala baagundi " haha

  4. Thanks Usha

    She is getting back to normal gradually.!

  5. Sailu,

    comment okkati imitate cheste parledu.. naa kooturu vaalla laage oka spoon notlo pettukuni rakarakaala expressions icchi, abdbhutam, amogham, assu, bussu, kassu ani cheppi... rendo mudda notlo pedite ottu.. nenu arichi geepetti gaandrinchi garjinchi pettaaali :(.

  6. Hi Sree,
    I love your photos

  7. Hi Sree,
    I came upon your website while searching for muggulu.
    I was instantly attracted to your ideas and tastes. I agree with you on many issues. Also I can relate with you because I am a mother and have a daughter myself.
    I love the pictures you post, which make me nostalgic and homesick.
    I feel like I am back in India when I am visiting your blog.
    Thank you for all the lovely photos.

  8. Thanks Ann,

    Glad that you like them.. I want to cherish them too for when I leave this place.

  9. Sree,
    I always want to see your pictures so please don't say you will leave!
    Also , how is the little one doing?
    You may already know this, but, eating curds atleast twice a day, also helps fight infections. Especially when the little one is taking so many medicines, eating curds, at room temperature, helps set the stomach with good bacteria which help fight the side effects of antibiotics and help with immunity in general.

  10. thank you Ann, I make sure she gets curd twice a day.

    I dont like leaving this place either but from an education point of view, I might have to move sooner or later!

  11. Baagunnaayi bulli bulli buddeelu...maa vaadiki koodaa vunnaayi, mundayithe aadapillalu maatrame ilaanti aatalu aadathaaru anukunedaanni...ippudu naa opinion maarchukovaalsi vasthondi..

  12. Sree,
    You are right, education is top priority and we have to do what we have to do.
    I did post a message on the blog but iam very new to all this blogging so I am not sure if I did it correctly.
    SO i am sending this message here again.
    I have been reading your beautiful writings. They are so expressive and larger than life. Have you considered writing fiction short stories/novels?

  13. Thank you so much Annu... you were right, I got the message at all three places, I have enabled moderation, so I would have to approve it before it shows on the blog, if you give the comment once it should be fine.

    edo okkosaari try cheyyalani picchi aavesam vastundi but then I give up.. maybe some time after the kid goes to school and thank you so much for encouraging.

    1. Sree,
      Thank you for the blog guidance.
      I have never been a fan of internet communications, but your website has compelled me to communicate. That speaks for itself.
      Sree, do not give up on writing. Readers like me are craving good books. I will wait for your first book :).