Saturday, January 28, 2017

A different taste!!!

We have heard in our Isha workshop about goat milk and how it is easy to digest and a better alternative to cow's milk.  After a lot of contemplation, picking up and placing it back on the rack later, one fine day last week we decide to bring it home and test.

Verdict... ewwww!!!  We used it in Tea, could not have a sip of it in spite of no odd smell or anything but the very thought that it came from the stinky goats I had seen as a child was so revolting that I could not dare it.  OA did however complete his cuppa and decided no more ever.. his being the same reason..

The "Jugaadoo" me did try to make curd, 'cos I can gobble up anything remotely curd and in stead of throwing away the remaining tried to set curd, it took a lot of time and it was very shaky and jiggly, not completely set... and this time I did try a spoon and promise myself I would never ever ditch our good old gaay maataa :) as long as I am in US.

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