Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1 - Konga, Pandu, Nenu..

We have an unexpected visitor at home today, I dont know what it is called "Konga" in telugu.. I dont really know its name in English.. anyone aware??? which obviously fell down from the coconut tree, it cant fly as of yet, we cannot climb the tree, I am not sure if the mother can lift it up and put it back in the nest..

So, we decide to follow it around the house (err, LO decides and I follow) and see to it that is scared and then not let it run on to the street for the fear of stray dogs eating it up...

.. and this is an everyday scene now at home with these birds having a nest and the parent birds getting these small fish from the fields to feed the young ones.. some of them fall down which become food for red ants.. a geographic channel in our backyard!!!

Poddunne levagaane maaku kanipinchina friend ee baby konga, chettu meeda ninchi papam padipoyindi.. daanni emi cheyyalo maaku teliyaka, daanni roadmeedaki vellakundaa aapa leka, daani chuttu tirugutoo ento aanandamgaa, konga konga ani gantulesukuntoo tirigaam.. adelendi pandu gaadu tirigite nenu vaadi venaka tirigaa.. kongalu, vaati pillalu, vaati kosam tecchi pette chepa pillalu, avi tinadaaniki vacche erra cheemalu.. backgroundlo kongala arupulu, nela meeda vaati pentalu, adi clean cheyyadaaniki parugulu pette pandu gaadito poti padi memu clean cheyyadaalu... idandee maaku full fledged timepass ee madhya kaalamlo...

PS: Thank you Sree, it is Crane.. marchipoya, ruchikaramaina vakkapodi crane vakkapodi ;).


  1. Konga ante Crane kada....crane vakkapodi packet meeda bomma gurtochinda???

  2. hehe...i am really in envy of you...i feel like going back to my town and spend time bindaz with kids :)