Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5 - House Story

We happen to stay in a house furnished to a large extent with a few rooms untouched and unentered so far.. with the rains and gloomy weather outside we decide to make more room for indoor activities.

The house is a legacy left behind by a distant relative to his daughters who cannot come down due to their personal constraints and at the same cant let go of it because of memories, so it is just for me, they opened it up and am really thankful for that.

The display objects in the show case are the owner's choice, so about 12 yrs. later, I clean up the case, contemplate whether or not to store them away and decide to leave a few as is and throw open the room as the kid's entertainment room..

Leaving a few things as is.. I try to push in a few of her favorite toys which attract dust behind the glass doors so that she can point to them sitting on the diwaan and talk to them and point to them... this is how the fusion of past and the future looks like at my home...

Oka illu ante enno madhura smrutulu, gnaapakaalu.. eppudu edokati maarustoo, cherustoo, perustoo koorchukunna oka sthalam.. mana taravaata mana abhiruchulani mundu taram munduku teesukeltundo ledo manaki teliyadu, aina edo tapana oka yaava bahusaa bratuku meeda aa yaava lekapote manam lememo... kaani naa chinna naati gnaapakaalu enno chediripotunnaay ani oka baadha lolona migilipoyindi..

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