Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7 - New Balloons?

The latest fad, these toy forms for kids like balloons but not quite like.. the material is different.

am happy the kid cannot burst them the moment it is placed in her hands.. NO, she is not scared of the burst noise :(.. we buy balloons each time the old balloon taata comes to our place but promptly break them before he even reaches the gate.

So, somu taatoy goes to town to sell his bike and gets these for the kid, good enough to keep her indoors for a while, they lay there resting while the kid is asleep in her net.

Rojantaa ee bommala venaka parugulettaamoch.. bommaa.. bommaaaaa... bommaaaaaaliiiiii ani.. exhausting but a rewarding day packed with smiles and laughter.

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