Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Teeny Tiny Break

Had been busy with some kids in the village, they had come for summer vacation and since Sreya wanted to play with them and the summer heat was too much to be ignored to let them play around, I got them all to my place... ante, they go to their place only for food and bathing.. sleeping, playing antaa ikkade... but they had a blast... The kid had her first sleepover buddies and made a mess.. Nagu nadumuki, naa chevuluki pattinaa tuppantaa vadilinchesaaru... aunteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee idi, aunteeeeeeeeeeeee adi.. ani, illaite kishkinda kaanda roju, but glad we had them over, Sreya had a blast and so did I.. :).

God, it is a mess when they play and leave things as is!!!!!!  Hats off to Nursery and KG teachers... so life alaa aa pillalatoti moodu edupulu, aaru arupulu.. goggolu gandaragolam veetannitiki todu naa dikkumaalina eye infection toti, sarigaa pictures teeyaleka, teesinavi post cheyyaleka, am taking a break for a while... okesaari bumper offer laaga post chestaa :)...

Keerthi, keep them coming... nenu middle drop kaadu kaani... will catch up at a slower pace...

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