Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Beginning.. and a Farewell

Life in pictures has been a wonderful part of my life, captivating the moments of life, I had with my daughter in my native place, though remote by technical geographical terminology with respect to urban culture, I never felt I was missing anything other than the occasional craving to meet friends and people to work with or talk to.

The routine was boring at times but once you enjoy the taste of village life, that is one luxury we are going to miss out here.. I had so many memories as a child and now I cherish them a lot more 'cos those are my kid's too.. each day was a celebration.. it still is and will be of being alive, being together, being secure and happy and above all content.

Bidding farewell to village was a tough decision but a welcome one on the personal front. I would never have gone to any metro for sure after that luxury of pollution free environment but US, the land of opportunities is also a land of better hygiene.. there might be pollution but it is of other kind, at least I get to breathe some free and fresh air, take a walk in the park, or the apartment complex without smoke, dust.

I must say though that I miss the scent of my village, dust, mud, this that and what not.. I just crave for that.. well, that I guess is the love that we have just for our motherland and nothing can beat it.

So, here I am, after so much of hesitation, planning transition for the kid and self, finally.. in the United States of America.. a home away from home, the place where I started my life as a wife, made this place my home, so it always has a special place and call it the destiny, we just began where we left, as a couple with the new tag parents!!!

... I know, a lot of my buddies would miss my village posts... but I guess that is it for now.. all in the memories.. Just before coming back, the day before I started, I went around the village, captured it in my camera and now reproduced it in the blog... I could not think of a better way to say Bye to a place that has given me so much.

 ... and about the future of this blog.. I guess I will take it as it comes.. I will maybe just stop or come back... well, unpredictable is my middle name isnt it???


  1. :) ya .. going to miss the village posts, but as the blog name itself says that it is the life of sree in pictures.. so it may be a village or a US...
    and unpredictable is the middle name of LIFE sree..
    we have no other choice rather than going with it... and i hope to see you here back with your life in pictures.. good luck

  2. Welcome to united states sree garu..
    ya it wil be painful, leaving the home town..
    surely your middle name is unpredictable :)