Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Favorite Breakfast and the most dreaded task

I was terribly upset with Anya's update :( and had to immerse myself in something mindless... went back to FB and binged there then searched frantically for some movies online. I just got rid of Bigg Boss and had been itching for watching English TV series, checked out law and order but since it was out of Netflix had to settle with SVU and drown myself so that I dont think of sorrow.. my mind just shuts off something happening to children... :(

I love the missy roti that I get in the Indian Store, top it up with some raw veggies, ketchup, ranch and a few jalapenos and there goes my yumm breakfast

I hate laundry, especially here as I have to sort and take the clothes outside to a common machine and get it back and then FOLD and if needed iron before wearing... arrgghhh!!!!

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