Saturday, February 25, 2017

Feb 24 - An Eventful Day

Watching Isha Coimbatore festivities live has become a Sivaratri ritual for me, so while it is Sivaratri in India it is Sivaroju for me here.  This year the magnitude is much much higher due to adiyogi unveiling..

The day was eventful for the kid who is now officially a candidate for black belt and one thing we would regret is she just going back home without that degree.  Martial arts inculcates a sense of discipline and sharpens the child's reflexes undoubtedly and every child needs to learn self defense period.

The lazy me and the crazy kiddo always find a reason to out and what more excuse than the testing :).  So Boston Market it was followed by Coldstone, kid her usual chocolate and coffee lovers for us.  Forget fasting on Mahasivaratri, I ended up eating chicken, I have cut down nonveg a lot, this should stop too.  I should give it to the kid for sticking to her no NV diet religiously.

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